Experimental and field-based validation of environmental DNA (eDNA) monitoring of juvenile and resident salmonids in British Columbia streams

Determining the distribution and abundance of species is a central requirement for making sustainable resource management decisions. Ecofish, in collaboration with the University of Victoria, would like to evaluate if environmental DNA (eDNA) methods can be used to reliably detect low density salmonid species in streams, with the objective of implementing eDNA as a defensible methodology in the environmental consulting industry in British Columbia. The potential to use eDNA to augment or replace current more invasive methodologies (e.g., electrofishing, night snorkeling), is great, however a number of key research questions remain regarding the spatial and temporal behaviour of eDNA material in streams. The proposed intern, Jeff MacAdams, is nearing the completion of his M.Sc. thesis at the University of Victoria working to understand the detection limits of juvenile Coho Salmon in experimental tanks and natural streams using eDNA. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Brian Starzomski


Jeffrey MacAdams


Ecofish Research Ltd


Environmental sciences






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