Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Electron Beam Weld in Inconel-713LC Turbine Blades

Electron beam welding of shroud in Inconel-713LC blades are often associated with cracking. This leads to a high scrap rate for manufacturing of blades used in the gas turbine engines. In this study, in order to understand the root cause of the cracks, a comprehensive experimental and finite element analysis will be carried out to correlate the process variables and response of material to electron beam welding. In that way, electron beam welding process parameters will be optimized to suppress cracking. By this means, the scrap rate of expensive components and consequently manufacturing cost will be reduced significantly.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohammad Jahazi


Ahmad Chamanfar & TBD


Rolls Royce Canada Limited


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation


École de technologie supérieure



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