Experimental and numerical evaluation of the electromagnetic ,mechanical and thermal behaviour of Kimberlite under microwave irradiation

In an environment of high risk and competitive, the mining industry needs continuous innovation and productivity enhancement. One of the major issues with present hard rock deposits is the cyclic mining operation associated with the drill and blast method. Another major obstacle in the extraction and processing of such rocks is the relatively high wear rate on the cutting tools which leads to low rate of penetration and low performance in conventional mechanical hard rock excavation machines. Also, it has made the comminution of such rocks extremely energy intensive and costly with high wear rates. Consequently, sustainable development of mineral resources requires reduced wear on both rock cutting and comminution equipment. This research work aims to extend the study and develop the engineering know-how and numerical simulation tools needed for successful integration of microwave-assisted technique in excavation and processing of rocks as well as reduction of equipment wear and energy from mine to mill. This comprehensive study will be beneficial for DeBeers in operation optimization in terms of energy efficiency, carbon footprint, costs related to equipment wear and tear and associated downtimes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ferri Hassani;Agus Sasmito


Seyedadel (Adel) Ahmadihosseini


De Beers Group





McGill University



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