Experimental Evaluation of Surface and Deep Filtration Sand Control Solution

Sand production during extraction of bitumen in oil sand industry is the most significant challenge which results in many operational problems such as erosion of downhole and surface equipment, collapse of the formation, and subsequently a dramatic increase in capital and operating costs of the production plant. Mesh weaves are currently used to reject sand during production and mitigate these effects. The proposed research project will investigate the flow, and solid retention capacity of different mesh weaves in various test cells. The feed characteristics and the morphology and roughness of some commercial meshes will be first investigated. The performance of selected mesh screens will then be evaluated in sand retention using dead-end and cross-flow filtration systems and the flow rate and sand retention efficiency will be evaluated. The final product will be the optimum mesh screen in terms of both production rate and sand retention efficiency. Another important deliverable will be development of a strategy for the testing and qualification for the mesh weaves will be provided.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohtada Sadrzadeh


Seyedabolhassan Hosseini


RGL Reservoir Management Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Oil and gas




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