Experimental investigation and validation of flow control device (FCD) performance and design in thermal oil production

Oil recovery processes use flow control devices (FCDs) to ensure uniforms flow of fluids with minimized potential for well failure. These devices operate by restricting the flow through nozzles causing its velocity and pressure to significantly change. For the flow to keep its momentum, its pressure has to drop which unfortunately increases the likelihood of local well failure to occur. In this research, the performance of various nozzle types will be tested to investigate the effect of geometry on the pressure drop. The results obtained will be analysed to identify improvements that can be made to existing nozzle designs. A test facility will be commissioned whereby testing procedures and experimental protocols will also be established to use the setup as the primary tool for testing and validation of flow control devices.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Nobes


Yishak Yusuf


RGL Reservoir Management Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Oil and gas


University of Alberta



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