Experimental investigation of allowable engineering properties of regular and composite glulam columns

Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation (SMTC) is a renowned Canadian company for its quality mass timber products and ability to fabricate complex design. The company developed a new type of composite glulam as a structural element. Extensive experimental investigation in collaboration with Dr. Alam and Mr. Peng at UBCO revealed the future potential of this composite glulam column. The proposed research will extend the previous study by evaluating the engineering properties of each individual layer through experimental testing. Both the regular and composite glulam elements will be tested to understand and investigate the difference in behavior. This research will come up with the design values which can be used by the practicing engineers to design composite glulam column. The results of this study will have a significant effect on the development and application of this proprietary composite glulam element.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahria Alam


Arman Chowdhury;Gayan Buddhika Illangakoon Illangakoon Pathiranage;Peng Zhang


Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation






University of British Columbia Okanagan



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