Experimental investigation of regular and composite glulam columns under flexural and axial compression load

Structurlam products Ltd is a renowned Canadian company for its quality mass timber products and ability to fabricate complex design. The company developed a new generation hybrid composite glulam structural element while the performance is still unknown. The proposed research here will investigate the performance of this element under bending and compression. Both the regular glulam element and the hybrid composite glulam elements will be experimentally tested, and their performances will be mutually compared in terms of their loading capacity, deformation capacity, and failure modes. This research will also provide adequate design guidelines to structural engineers so that they can safely use this product as a beam or column element in structures. The results of this study will have a significant effect on the development and application of this hybrid glulam element.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahria Alam


Peng Zhang


Structurlam Products Ltd








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