Experimental study of droplet generation and mixing inside droplet in droplet-based microreactors

The proposed summer exchange program is to perform experimental study of droplet generation and mixing droplets in droplet-based microreactors. The droplets are generated by feeding substrate into a tube and letting the substrate form drops from the other side of the tube. Each individual droplet acts as a small reactor under confined conditions. Accordingly, the droplet-base microreactor is a container where the droplets are generating and the reactions are being processed. This type of reactor has demonstrated its great potential for excellent transportation performance and the flexibility to precisely control the reaction process within each droplet. These features allow them to be widely used in many fields, such as preparation of functional materials, chemical synthesis, biochemical engineering, and so on. I expect this research to further develop the theories of the droplet mixing performance through droplet generation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jesse Zhu


Mingyu Yang



Engineering - chemical / biological



Western University



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