Experimental Study on Vectorbloc Connection Used in Modular Construction

Modular construction has been gaining its popularity and momentum because it is a cheaper and faster way to build buildings and other structures. Vectorbloc Corp., located in Toronto has developed the concept of steel tubular modular construction using hollow structural steel (HSS) members. This modular construction will use various connectors and assemblies. The primary connector to be used in the HSS-based modular building construction is called Vectorbloc connector which is a cast-steel connector that facilitates the efficient design and construction of volumetric modular steel building structures. This research will undertake full-scale tests on Vectorbloc connections to be used in modular constriction. Various load combinations will be applied to simulate axial loading on the Vectorbloc connector. These tests will be undertaken in the structural engineering testing laboratory newly built at the University of Windsor and test data will be used to validate the concept modular construction developed by Vectorbloc Corp.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sreekanta Das


Mohammad Ali Mohtadi Bonab


VectorBloc Corp


Engineering - civil


Advanced manufacturing


University of Windsor



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