Experimental Validation of an Offshore Wind Turbine Control-Oriented Model and Advanced Contoller Implementation

Our laboratory has developed an improved model of large scale offshore wind turbines systems for controller design. This model captures all the important dynamics involved in the system such as the 3 dimensional motion, wave disturbance and wind effects, allowing to design advanced control techniques to enhance the efficacy of the wind turbines and increase their lifespan. The project consists on the experimental validation of this model. Although simulations have been performed achieving promising results, no experimental validation has been done since our home university does not possess a real model and the necessary facilities to run the experiments that the host university has. Once the validation is done I will proceed to design advanced controllers based on this model in order to improve the performance of the offshore wind turbine system. Finally, I will implement these controllers in the real model of the host university and evaluate the performance obtained. If validated, these new controllers will be applicable to large scale wind turbines, maximizing their energy capture and increasing their life span.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ryozo Nagamune


Cristopher Jesus Cortes Sanchez



Engineering - mechanical





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