Exploration of attitudes, motivations and behavioural patterns of social media users in relation to winter backcountry recreation and its effect on avalanche safety behaviour

Social media has substantially changed the information landscape for winter backcountry recreation (e.g., backcountry skiers and snowboarders, mountain snowmobile riders and snowshoers), which has created both opportunities and challenges for avalanche safety. The Avalanche Research Program at Simon Fraser University and Avalanche Canada are conducting a study to examine how recreationists seek, share and introduce social media related information to their avalanche risk management process. Grounded in existing research in social media and risk information seeking and processing, the study uses a mixed methods approach including interviews and an online survey to provide avalanche warning services and educators with tangible recommendations on how to capitalize on the opportunities that social media offer and combat the associated challenges.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pascal Haegeli


Amelie Goulet-Boucher


Avalanche Canada


Environmental sciences




Simon Fraser University


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