Exploration of Authoring Features to Facilitate Rapid Creation of STEM Subject Content in Mobile Practice Applications

This internship is a continuation of a previous Mitacs Accelerate Internship during which time Mathtoons worked with Dr. Wang of UBC Okanagan and intern, Yipin Guo of the Math and Computer Science faculties. The previous research enabled Mathtoons development team to incorporate many features within its Content Editor software which will allow teachers of upper level STEM subjects to create complex questions (without requiring software coding ability), preview the question within the software to view device constraints, and easily embed LaTeX formatted formulas that can be read and reviewed by students using small, handheld mobile devices. The second and current phase of the internship will now consider these next potential softwareeatures for collaborative content editing: 1) Ability to easily incorporate graphs in questions; 2) Addition of content tagging features to allow global content searchability, 3) User Customized Buttons for easy creation of complex STEM subject questions, 4) Testing of new editing tools within Mathtoons Content Editor. Mr. Guo and supervising professor, Shawn Wang, will help Mathtoons development team discover, test, assess and refine further authoring tools that will make their app content authoring software more accessible for more STEM content creators.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Shawn Wang


Yipin Guo


Mathtoons Media Inc.





University of British Columbia Okanagan



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