Exploration of equillibrium moisture content characteristics for Manitoba-grown soybeans

The equilibrium moisture content (EMC) is an important physical property that significantly impacts all hygroscopic biomaterial. Knowledge of EMC of grains and pulses including soybeans is essential for efficient post-harvest operations such as drying, aeration, or storage. EMC changes with the variety but is also affected by handling and aeration practices. During storage, seeds undergo many micro-wetting and drying cycles or freezing and thawing cycles, which also affect the sorption and desorption characteristics. Plant breeding has resulted in grains and oilseeds of different constituents, which directly affects the EMC values. Moreover, very little information on EMC characteristics is available for Manitoba grown soybeans. Therefore, to establish the best post-harvest techniques for soybeans, the objective of this proposal is: i) to determine the sorption and desorption characteristics under the different storage conditions of commonly grown soybean varieties in Manitoba, ii) to develop web-based guidelines for safe storage of seleced beans.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jitendra Paliwal


Babankumar Bansod


Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers








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