Explorations into the mechanism and potential of the antiviral activity of BOLD-100 as a treatment for COVID-19

BOLD-100 is a promising new drug that initial studies have shown has potent activity against the SARS-CoV-2 (the cause of COVID-19) in cell culture experiments. Before being able to start clinical studies with BOLD-100, additional research into the mechanism of action is required, plus testing the safety and efficacy of BOLD-100 in animal models of COVID-19. The purpose of this project is to utilize a range of cell culture and animal models to test BOLD-100 against COVID-19 to better understand the drug. Additionally, investigations will look at other viral diseases that BOLD-100 might be utilized in. The results of this project will help define the potential of BOLD-100 as an antiviral drug for use in COVID-19 and beyond, and accelerate it’s development.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephen Barr


Daniel Labach


Bold Therapeutics




Professional, scientific and technical services


Western University



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