Exploring neuroimaging methods to assess the effects of music therapy

The objective of this project is to research new technologies and methods to help in the assessment and functional imaging of neuroplasticity related to music therapy. The approach utilizes key novel technologies being researched in partnership with Dr. Ryan D’Arcy. It takes advantage of on-going, integrated work with Music Heals to research music therapy as a means to improve mood in patients experiencing Post-Concussion Syndrome and those with challenges related to Adverse Childhood Experiences.
The interns and companies will benefit through the new knowledge and information generated with respect to the new protocols, methods and devices that will be generated during this project. In addition, interns will benefit from exposure to all aspects of clinical studies, collaboration with industry and the healthcare system and interaction with patients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ryan D’Arcy


Mekayla Knol


Music Heals


Languages and linguistics


Other services (except public administration)


Simon Fraser University



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