Exploring race representation and the racial wage gap in Southern Ontario’s Tech Industry

There is a lack of “diversity” in Canada’s tech industry and this is what the research is based on. The lack of research considering racial diversity in the tech industry in Canada leaves a significant gap in understanding issues that would be critical in addressing such a lack of diversity. This research will explore how, to what extent, race is represented in Southwestern Ontario’s tech industry. In so doing, it will determine if, and if so, to what extent, there is there is a race equity pay gap. It will provide a baseline assessment of to what extent race is represented in SWO’s tech industry. Important to this research is understanding how intersection race, gender, age and other such factors intersect. The research will take place in three phases over a one-year period using both qualitative and quantitative measures. The research will have three potential outputs with relevance to both the tech industry and academia.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kathy Hogarth


Hervege Ngweyin;Anne-Marie Bola Oladosu


Innovate Inclusion


Social work


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Waterloo



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