Exploring The Effects Of Functional Connectivity To Depict Key Differences Between Stages Of Sleep To Determine Why REM Protects Against Seizures

The purpose of analyzing the different stages of sleep by means of functional connectivity metrics is due to the overwhelming unlikelihood of seizures occurring during REM sleep. The functional connectivity metrics are computational algorithms run on a computer that determine if the signal from one node is similar to another in any way. These nodes record the electrical potentials from the brain and are arranged around the head in a certain pattern making up an electroencephalogram (EEG) recording. Determining the proper steps of manipulating the signals to reduce any anomalies from the signal is ideal for obtaining a truly reputable result. Through this work these algorithms can be adopted by the Health Sciences Centre to improve research in the field.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marcus Ng;Zahra Kazem-Moussavi


Darion Toutant


Health Sciences Centre Foundation





University of Manitoba



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