Exploring the lives of women with acne (acne and gender-based violence; acne inversa and sexual health)

Intimate partner violence (IPV) and sexual violence (SV) are unfortunately common occurrences in women’s lives. Women with a disability are at higher risk of these experiences. Disabilities such as depression have been researched and we now turn our attention to a condition that has not been researched: acne. This research project aims to find the rates of co-occurrence of IPV and SV in a sample of women who have acne; gain a better understanding of these women’s experiences; examine sexual health experiences of women who have acne inversa; and analyze study results to produce documents that will be available to patients in the waiting room of a dermatologist’s office. These patient-oriented documents will 1) provide information and resources to those experiencing or know someone who has experienced IPV or SV and 2) information on acne inversa and experiences with sexual health.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kathryn Lafreniere


Mia Sisic


Windsor Clinical Research Inc.




Life sciences


University of Windsor



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