Exploring the need for a standard on work environment reporting

Poor work environment (WE) contributes to poor employee physical and mental health and reduced company productivity and performance. Reporting on the WE has little guidance, making WE in corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports inconsistent and not comparable between companies. This project explores the need for a management system standard for WE reporting and the development of a prototype WE reporting tool based on a review of the scientific literature and existing standards, and stakeholder feedback through a workshop and webinar. More clearly defining WE, its dimensions and creating a standardized reporting approach can provide direct benefits to CSA Group, by improving their suite of available products, and indirectly society beyond. Providing companies a consistent means to report on WE allows intra- and inter-organization comparisons, driving change to improve WE, employee wellbeing, and organization performance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Cory Searcy


Michael Greig


CSA Group


Engineering - mechanical


Environmental industry




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