Exploring the Reconciliatory Potential of Marketing Processes in the Book Publishing Industry

There is a growing recognition in the publishing industry that standard supply chain marketing strategies have not been effective in promoting Indigenous materials and reaching Indigenous audiences. This problem has prompted us to explore how marketing processes can be amended or augmented to ensure that Indigenous organizations and educators are introduced to the resources that are being created to support their objectives of cultural revitalization. The question we are posing is (how) can marketing be a strategy that contributes to the national project of reconciliation? Using the Six Seasons Series as a case study, this research will be undertaken with Portage & Main Press, an industry partner on the Six Seasons of the Asiniskaw ?thiniwak Partnership Project, and contribute to their goal of making visible works by and for Indigenous artists, educators, and young peoples through the development of a marketing strategy that intentionally seeks to create and strengthen relationships and networks with Indigenous organisations and educators.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mavis Reimer;Linda DeRiviere


Tara Myran


Portage & Main Press Ltd.




Information and cultural industries


University of Winnipeg



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