Exploring the role of an innovative lean visual management technology in enhancing the efficiency of construction sites in Quebec

There is a need for a standardisation of lean visual management practices on construction sites to improve transparency of the work process, incorporating information into various workplace activities, ensuring predictability in micro-decision making and maximising collective intelligence. In this study our main aim is to identify existing VM conditions and the role of an innovative VM Rapid Check™ technology in adapting visual workplace framework on Quebec construction sites. The intern will be collecting data in the form of interviews and site observation to assess the status of existing VM conditions and study the impact of the Rapid Check™ technology on the site. This data would allow the partner organisation to convince the different stakeholders in the construction industry to use their innovative technology for a better workplace with less stress and better safety measures.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohamed Meguid


Antoneta Teresa Joseph


Rapid Check Solution


Engineering - civil




McGill University



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