Exploring the Role that Science and Technology Play in Regional Productivity Differences Using New Metrics

Problems associated with measuring scientific and technological advances make it difficult to determine the impact of R&D on scientific advancement, technical change and ultimately productivity and output. Our research uses new publication-based measures of technical and scientific change to: (1) quantify the importance of R&D and determine the strength of these relationships, (2) document differences between the US and Canada, as well as different regions (states, provinces and mega-regions), and (3) explore whether the variations are linked to regional productivity gaps. Participation in this project will help the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity fulfill its mandate (to help the public understand the factors behind Ontario's economic growth). The findings will be made available to policy makers and the general public through the Institute's working papers, interviews, and by sharing the results with Ontario's Task Force on Competitiveness, Productivity and Economic Progress. The results will help determine the importance of supporting scientific research (and R&D) and assess the role technical change places in economic growth.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michelle Alexopoulos


Kinda Hachem


Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity




Management of companies and enterprises


University of Toronto



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