Expression of muscarinic receptors in neurogenic detrusor overactive (NDO) bladders of spinal cord transected (SCT) rats after preventive treatment with anticholinergic me

Following the study of spinal cord transected (SCT) rat models being treated by fesoterodine fumarate (antimuscarinic drug) to prevent neurogenic detrusor overactivity, bladders of all 30 animals were conserved. It was observed that an early fesoterodine fumarate administration at the time of transection modulates bladder overactivity. However, the exact mechanism of action is not known and should be investigated further focusing on detrusor muscarinic receptor modifications in order to support clinical trials with humans. Investigation will include a morphological characterization of all bladders; analyzing the presence of any hypertrophy or fibrosis of normal and SCT rats. Moreover, the expression of receptors will be analyzed based on their distribution and prevalence and will be compared between two different groups of rat models to help understand and detect the mechanism of detrusor activity. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Jacques Corcos


Mikolaj Przydacz


Pfizer Canada Inc.




Medical devices




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