Extractable polysaccharides from sugar maple bark

This project aim to valorize sugar maple bark that is normally generated as residues in high volume from forest-based industry in Canada. Sugar maple bark, which is rich in polysaccharides will be extracted and subsequently dried to produce polysaccharide powder. Such obtained powder will be explored for its potential as functional food ingredients, mainly in development of natural food products. One of the applications could be the enrichment of substandard maple syrup with the addition of polysaccharides from sugar maple bark. Post-doctoral fellow will actively involve in developing the method for extracting bioactive polysaccharides from forest waste, optimising the drying method, and study the bioactivity of the final product. The partner organization (Gestion VEM Inc.) will develop new expertise and knowledge in the field of valorization of forest biomass to develop natural functional food ingredient that will be benefitted by Canadian consumers in the near future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tatjana Stevanovic


Sagar Bhatta


Gestion VEM Inc.


Visual arts






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