Extraction of energy and value-added products from municipal wastewater

In effort to reduce the environmental footprint and improve the sustainability of wastewater treatment plants, this study is focused on the production of energy and the recovery of value-added products from municipal wastewater via the chemical precipitation of magnesium ammonium phosphate (struvite). The method employs the controlled addition of a suitable magnesium compound such as magnesium oxide to wastewater at moderate to high pH values in order to promote the formation and precipitation of struvite. The extracted struvite may be directly used as fertilizer or heated to release the ammonia for on-site use and storage. The remaining crystalline may be recycled within the same process for additional recovery of ammonia from wastewater.

The aim of the project is to develop and experimentally validate an analytical model to predict the nucleation and precipitation of struvite in wastewater. Unlike other wastewater treatment technologies, this promising method is distinguished by the prospects of selling the struvite in fertilizer market for revenue generation as well as the possibility of utilizing the extracted ammonia as fuel in combined heat and power (CHP) application.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ibrahim Dincer


Fadi Abraham


Regional Municipality of Durham




Service industry


Ontario Tech University



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