Fabrication and Characterization of polyurethane bio-composites for high performance applications

With the increase in polyurethane foams in manufacturing applications such as car seats, shoe soles etc., there has also been a rise in demand for higher quality and more sustainable products. This project involves the collaboration of Evoco Ltd with Dr. Hani Naguib’s research team at the University of Toronto to work on the fabrication of flexible polyurethane foams containing natural fibers. These fibers will help enhance the mechanical properties of the fiber enabling a cost-performance benefit. Additionally, microbes will be added to the foam, aimed at making it eco-friendlier. The successful application of this project will help open doors to numerous Startup and job opportunities throughout Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hani Naguib


Syed Husainie


Evoco Ltd


Engineering - mechanical


Advanced manufacturing




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