Fabrication and Testing of a Microlens Array Optical System

The purpose of this project is to design and fabricate a compact optical component that will be used in tandem with a display panel to use in Head-Up Display systems. The essence of the optical component design is the use of microlens arrays. Microlens arrays are thin, usually planar lenses composed of much smaller lenslets with diameters usually in the order of 100-200 microns. Using microlens arrays, the optical system can be reduced to a couple of “sheets” of microlens arrays or less, allowing for compactness of the system. Designing with microlens arrays presents a set of challenges such as overcoming the minimum accommodation of the eye, and light interference between each lenslet of the microlens array. Over the course of the project, solutions to these challenges will be sought through computer models and simulations for developing the design. Prototypes will be fabricated and tested to validate the models.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Boris Stoeber


Hongbae Sam Park


Recon Instruments Inc.



Digital media


University of British Columbia



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