Fabrication of strong and transparent Janus wound dressings by electrospinning

Wound dressings are indispensable in medical operation as they protect the wound from contamination by foreign matter, absorb wound exudate and control the humidity of the wound to promote healing. Mitigating technology can be integrated in modern wound dressings to expedite the healing process and reduce scarring. In this proposal, we will develop an innovative Janus wound dressing that is water repellent on one side and water absorbing on the other. Tensile strength, transparency and water vapor transmission rate of the wound mesh will be controlled by chemical composition and structure of the mesh. The outcomes of this projects will lead to technology development of wound mesh that may be commercialized by the industrial partner. With sufficient adherence to the skin and mechanical strength the dressing has the potential to hold the wound closed as an alternative to sutures, staples and glue

Faculty Supervisor:

Xuehua Zhang


Aatif Ali Shah




Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Alberta



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