Faecal sludge desiccation rates for optimal design of passive ventilation sanitation systems

VIP latrines and the Aerosan emergency toilet demonstrate tremendous potential for achieving in situ faecal sludge treatment objectives in volume reduction, odour control, etc. In order to determine the potential to scale, lab-based studies and field validation are required to optimize the design. This project seeks to optimize faecal sludge desiccation by simple enhanced passive ventilation to reduce the waste to be taken off site by 75% in volume. By reducing the desludging frequency this project would substantially reduce the costs of desludging an quantities of faecal sludge that requires handling. Thereby, this project would be addresssing knowledge gap with regard to faecal sludge a volume reduction in emergency settings with benefits for latrine users in urban, peri-urban areas, and refugee/IDP camp contexts.

Faculty Supervisor:

Caetano Dorea


Claire Remington




Engineering - civil


Environmental industry




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