Failure analysis on X-750 CANDU spacer material using bulk mechanical test and ion-irradiation

The current project will focus on understanding the behavior of one of the most important CANDU reactor components when it is subjected to the reactor environment. This study will develop a fundamental understanding of the X-750 material’s behavior resulting in innovative technologies that benefit the nuclear industry in Canada. In the short to medium term the work will support the life management and refurbishment of CANDU nuclear plants, assisting CANDU owners to protect their multi-billion dollar investment and sustain the provision of economical electrical energy for the benefit of the Canadian consumer. In the medium to long term these technologies will support the development of improved reactor components, for improved reactor designs. This will help to assure future CANDU sales domestically and abroad and support the ongoing Canadian nuclear industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zhongwen Yao;Mark Richard Daymond


Pooyan Changizian


Kinectrics Inc


Engineering - mechanical




Queen's University



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