Fall and injury prevention in older adults to position Schlegel Villages as‘Safety Innovators’

As a result of the baby boomer generation, an increasing proportion of Canada’s population is now comprised of older adults / senior citizens. Increased numbers of these older adults are living in private Retirement Homes, and these consumers are emphasizing resident safety programs/policies when deciding between facilities. Towards providing state-of-the-science care for their residents, the industry partner (Schlegel Villages Inc.) wants to lead the marketplace as a ‘Safety Innovator’ through programs to prevent falls (and fall-related injuries). Accordingly, the goal of this research is to improve our understanding of falls (where and why they occur), and to use this information to development/implement approaches to reduce the risk of falls (and associated injuries) within Schlegel Villages’ Retirement Homes. The research will focus on three novel technologies including: i) safety flooring, ii) virtual reality, and ii) wireless balance monitoring systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Andrew Laing


Taylor Cleworth


Schlegel Villages Inc




Medical devices




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