Fall Self-Recovery Lift Assist to Reduce Exposure to COVID-19 Among Seniors in Assisted Living & Long-term Care by Enabling Independent Living

More than one in five seniors aged 65 and over will fall at least once a year, many of them repeatedly. Fortunately, most of these falls don’t result in major injuries but often the fall victims are unable to get back up on their own and require assistance from someone. For those that live alone or whose partners are unable to assist them, they need to either call for Emergency Medical Services or call on a friend or neighbour to help. Falls are one of the leading causes for admission to assisted living and long-term care facilities where we have seen the devastating impacts from COVID-19. This project seeks to design an affordable, in-home portable assistive device to allow seniors or those with mobility limitations to recover from falls themselves where there is no resulting injury and remain living independently.

Faculty Supervisor:

Clifton Johnston;Glen Hougan


Liam Gillies Maaskant


Axtion Independence Mobility Inc


Engineering - mechanical






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