Familiar Faces: Evaluating the Implementation and Effectiveness of a Diversion Support Program for People Who Are Heavy Users of Emergency Rooms and Hospitals

The research project will assist the Ottawa Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA-Ottawa) with the evaluation of new innovative mental health services intended to divert individuals from their overuse of emergency rooms and having further hospitalizations for mental health problems. The project will involve three separate studies over a two-year period: (1) an implementation evaluation intended to examine if the targeted population is being served in the manner that was planned, (2) an outcome evaluation using ICES OHIP and CIHI data to examine service utilization of service recipients compared to a matched anonymized control group of individuals, (3) an outcome evaluation of client functioning using CMHA administrative data collected on clients by service providers. The project will provide training to Ph.D. graduate students and a Post-Doctoral Fellow in applied health service research in the community. As well, the research will assist CMHA-Ottawa to develop effective services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tim Aubry


Alexia Pollio


Canadian Mental Health Association




Life sciences


University of Ottawa



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