Fast and robust real-time precise point positioning

Current real-time precise point positioning (PPP) systems still suffer significant challenges. One is its long position convergence time necessary before precise position solutions become obtainable. Another is its sensitivity to the loss/latency of high-frequency precise orbit and clock corrections, resulting in degraded performance. Those challenges have limited PPP’s adoption in many applications. This project aims to develop a fast and robust real-time PPP system. A positioning model based on uncombined observables will developed to facilitate ambiguity resolution (AR) and ionosphere-aiding which will help significantly reduce the position convergence time. A new real-time orbit and clock generation method will be developed to improve the robustness of PPP by reducing the system’s sensitivity to the loss/latency of precise orbit and clock corrections. A prototype system will be developed to assess the performance of the system for product development.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xin Wang


Yihe Li


Profound Positioning Inc




Information and communications technologies


University of Calgary



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