Fast predictive design of preforms, patterns, darts and ply book for non-structural aerospace composites

The project deals with the production of non-structural composite interior coverings for aircraft and other vehicles. Producing such interior coverings in Canada requires very good mastery of manufacturing processes in order to contain costs. Target times for preform preparation are of the order of minutes and manufacturing processes remain largely manual. Competition from emerging countries requires better knowledge applied to workmanship in preforming in Canada, and a very fast design process when to support tendering. The aim of the project is to create a decisional tool providing fast support to the preform design process. The most fundamental characteristic and novelty of the approach underpinning the decisional tool is that it displaces most design-related work prior to the time when a new part geometry becomes accessible and a submission must be delivered.

Faculty Supervisor:

Francois Robitaille


Sébastien Gagné


Hutchinson Aerospace & Industry Ltd


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


University of Ottawa



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