Faster on the bobsleigh race track

The intern will support the Canadian Bobsleigh Team in its efforts to reduce ice friction between a bobsleigh and the race track. Therefore, a numerical heat transfer model will be developed, and novel procedures to attain the smoothest possible runner surfaces will be researched. Furthermore, we will apply concepts underlying lubrication theory to runner surfaces bycombining hard and soft coatings through micromachining. All these efforts will result in a better understanding for the variables that are most relevant to ice friction in the context of international bobsleigh competitions. The novel developments coming out of this project will help the Canadian athletes to also compete in the race for the best sporting material and ultimately result in a higher medal count for Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anne-Marie Kietzig


Damon Aboud


Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton


Engineering - chemical / biological


Automotive and transportation




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