Feasibility of Pelletizing Sludge Product for Burning and Agricultural Uses from Paper Mill Process Effluent

Domestic demand for wood pellets in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has dramatically increased in recent years. Consumer angst resulted in one retailer trucking three tractor trailer loads of bagged pellets last winter (2014-2015) from British Columbia, which sold out in a few days. Port Hawkesbury Paper LP (PHP) has an opportunity to both solve a waste product issue at their Point Tupper mill location, but also tap into this international and domestic market through investigating the feasibility of pelletizing sludge (comprised largely of isolated softwood fibers) produced on site as a component of their waste stream. Currently, a portion of this PHP sludge is dried to appropriate moisture content and sold to Nova Scotia Power to augment their biomass burner, although a surplus remains that could be converted into a value-added product such as wood pellets for consumer or industrial applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michelle Adams


Brittany MacDonald


Port Hawkesbury Paper LP


Environmental sciences


Alternative energy


Dalhousie University



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