Feasibility of the Get A-Head® App for Clinical Psychology Research and Training in Emotion Focused Family Therapy

Due to COVID-19, adoption of and investment in technological solutions for remote mental health services (teletherapy) is rapidly increasing. While the evidence-base for teletherapy for individuals is robust, teletherapy research with families has been limited. Further, uptake of teletherapy by clinical training programs has been slow and knowledge about the feasibility of using these interfaces for remote live supervision has not yet been established. This pilot study will assess the feasibility of training student-clinicians in the delivery of Emotion Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) through the Get A-Head® app. This study will follow two families over the course of 12 weeks (two weeks pre-intervention, eight weeks of the EFFT intervention, and two weeks post-intervention). The process and results of the study are expected to generate critical feedback and preliminary results about the feasibility of using the Get A-Head® app as a tool for providing family therapy and training student-clinicians.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dillon Thomas Browne


Jackson Smith


Get A-Head Inc.




Health care and social assistance


University of Waterloo



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