Feasibility study of dual input clamp undir DC-DC converter for 737 SPU replacement

The main objective of this project is to a) investigate feasibility and suitability of a new proposed DC-DC converter based on a novel “Dual Input Clamp Unidir DC-DC Converter”, and b) validate and quantify its projected benefits including reduced parts count, higher efficiency, lighter weight and more reliable as compared to existing commercial products. Cost-effective, efficient, reliable and high-speed gate drivers, clamp circuits, and HF isolation transformer suitable for operation at switching frequencies of 100 kHz need to be developed for the proposed DC-DC converter. A brass-board prototype need to be built and tested in a relevant environment and should meet stringent electrical, thermal, power quality and EMI requirements. Due to the much higher power requirement and higher switching frequency of this application, we are investigating such circuit concepts for the first time and therefore this feasibility study is essential to verify technical features and projected benefits before a product development phase can get launched.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Ali Emadi & Hassan A. Kojori


Parampreet K. Toor, Chia-Hao Tu & Abdul Lateef


Honeywell Aerospace


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


McMaster University



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