Feasibility Study to Determine the Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Aircraft Inspection

This project assesses the feasibility of using drones to inspect aircraft for surface damage and defects such cracks, fractures or dents. The intern will first carryout a comprehensive literature review and environmental scan of the existing technology. He will then assist in developing and conducting a series of physical tests to determine the best camera parameters, drone flight pattern, image format and proximity sensor performance. The results of these tests will be used to program a commercially available drone to carryout an automated image acquisition flight. The images will then be used to generate an accurate 3D model of the surface condition of the aircraft which will be automatically analyzed for defects.
The overall goal of the project is to develop drone-based aircraft inspection standards of practice which will improve defect detection, safety and inspection efficiency.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Saczuk;Sanja Boskovic


Aaron Rooke


Spexi Geospatial


Environmental sciences



British Columbia Institute of Technology



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