Feature-based process modelling and customized software development for adopting ISO 10002 and ISO 10004 in Food Industry

Several customer satisfaction problems are identified in service industry as the causes of inefficiencies, and then further they could potentially lead to value destruction and loss of competitiveness. Such emerging organizational threats can be turned into opportunities by integrating a customer satisfaction management module into the existing operating software tool. The objective is to develop and prototype an integrated management software module in a current operating system for complaint handling processes based on ISO 10002 and measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction based on ISO 10004. The expected potential benefits are the elimination of procedural conflicts between individual management procedures; applying Kaizen method for service quality improvement; reduction on time, costs, and the number of audits and added efficiency value for the business through lean process design. The idea behind the project concept is that an organization can manage its standardized processes and associated risks through one management system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yongsheng Ma


Anish Varudharajulu


Kathir Food Experience Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies




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