Fibrostenotic Crohn’s disease: Regulation of Fibrosis and inflammation with Cannabigerol and other cannabinoids

The goal of the project is to determine if the cannabis-derived, non-psychoactive compound, cannabigerol (CBG) (a key component of Cannabis), which is known to reduce inflammation in a mouse model of colon inflammation, can also prevent intestinal strictures (fibrosis) and narrowing of the intestine in the setting of intestinal inflammation. We will use cell culture and animal models that develop key features of fibrosis, to determine if CBG can prevent fibrosis and stricture formation. The data will be directly relevant to preventing fibrosis in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, which has a high incidence in Alberta and Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Morley D Hollenberg


Vivek Krishna Pulakazhi Venu


Whistler Therapeutics


Pharmacy / Pharmacology





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