Field evaluation of Humic Land, a biological promoter of corn growth and the soil microbiome

Humic Land is a 100% organic fertilizer that was produced from black peat using innovative technology that protects live soil microorganisms. It contains complex organic compounds known as humic substances and a microbial consortia that can biologically promote the growth of field crops. Since corn plants that obtain a balanced nutrient supply from the soil microbiome are expected to grow larger and have faster phenological development, compared to their counterparts that have a suboptimal nutritional balance, we evaluated the agronomic performance of Humic Land on field-grown corn. Humic Land is being tested for its effectiveness as a seed priming treatment and as a soil-applied inoculant to boost corn growth in a replicated field research trial. The project will demonstrate the commercial potential of Humic Land for corn production in realistic field environments in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Joann Whalen


Yutong Jiang


Rogitex International Inc


Resources and environmental management




McGill University



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