Field Test and Model Validation of an Actively Controlled Seat Suspension System

There is a chance of loss of control, health complications and fatigue caused by the impact forces and vibrations transmitted form the vehicle body to the passengers. The main objective of this research is to conduct the field tests of the active suspension, which was designed, patented, simulated, and tested in the laboratory in previous steps in order to validate the model of the system and enable optimization of the control algorithms of the suspension. The field tests will validate the modeling and laboratory testing results, and prove the performance of the designed system in practice and in the final application environment based on relevant standards. The previously developed software and hardware will be tested and necessary changes will be applied to reach the final product ready for being used by the customers of the partner organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qiao Sun


Iurii Storozhenko


Beasley Marine Engineering


Engineering - mechanical


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Calgary



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