Field Validation of C-PODTM (DNA Ident Inc.) Technology for Genetic Sample Collection Through Investigation of Large-scale Range Expansion of American White Pelicans in Ontario

Biologists – from field ecologists to epidemiologists to agricultural scientists ¨C are often faced with the daunting task of collecting hundreds or thousands of samples in the field for genetic analyses and tracking those samples from field collection through genetic analysis to final data analysis. DNA Ident Inc. recently developed C-PODTM genetic sample collection containers that preserve genetic material (e.g., tissue, blood, feathers) and use an electronic data chip to record and track sample information from collection through analysis. We propose to test the effectiveness of these C-PODTM sample collection containers by employing these technologies in a large-scale genetic study of American white pelicans. In collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, we will use genetic and biogeochemical analyses to create a "map" of North America. American white pelicans are currently expanding their range across North America (especially Ontario) and, by sampling feathers at newly established colonies, we will use this map to assign individuals to their previous colony, which will allow us to track the movement and colonization patterns of pelicans.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Christopher Kyle


Matthew Reudink


DNA Ident Inc.




Fisheries and wildlife


Trent University



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