Finding Access to Social Services for Calgary’s Non-Status Migrants

This study 1) examines the lives of 3 to 5 non-status migrants in Calgary; 2) determines the challenges that these individuals face in accessing healthcare and social services; and 3) ascertains available services as well as the obstacles to services that are essential to these individuals’ social and economic integration. In general, my research answers the question, “From the viewpoint of non-status migrants, how do the federal, provincial, and city governments facilitate delivery of healthcare, community, and social services to non-status migrants?” Findings from this study will be used to formulate a policy-brief for policymakers and immigration agencies to guide them in making and carrying out decisions that respect and impact the principles of social justice and of the attendant basic human right to social services. In addition, a database of resources for non-status migrants that will be hosted on the website of Migrante Alberta will be created.

Faculty Supervisor:

Liza Lorenzetti


Nellie Alcaraz


Migrante Alberta


Social work


Management of companies and enterprises




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