Finite formulation based models of overhead lines and buried cables incorporating ground interface and high-frequency effects

Being able to accurately determine the model parameters for multi-conductor overhead and underground cable systems is important for power transmission system simulation. Current analytical based methods are limited to simple configurations of conductors and employ approximations that limit their accuracy at high frequencies. In this project we develop a numerical Finite Integration based technique for calculation of transmission line parameters and for calculation of the associated electromagnetic fields. The finite integration numerical approach has advantages over other methods in that an adaptive mesh can be efficiently implemented, this being important when simulating open boundary multi-scale problems. The numerical approach will be capable of modeling arbitrary configurations of buried and overhead conductors and provide a full-wave solution, which is accurate at high frequencies. We will use this tool to study the validity of the widely used analytical base formulas and investigate the effect of the non-perfect ground, which play a significant role in the parameter values and is difficult to model.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Greg Bridges


Maryam Heshmatzadeh


Manitoba Hydro






University of Manitoba



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