First Time Home Buyers in a Post-COVID World

The current pandemic is changing how people work, and creating a new way to think about home. From setting up a kitchen office, to being able to drop a lengthy commute, people across Canada are interacting with their living space in new ways. First time homebuyers (FTHB) have a unique opportunity to re-evaluate what is important to them when house-hunting, but the ways in which the real estate industry communicate with prospective buyers is slow to change. This project asks Millennial FTHB directly about what they look for in a first home, and how they find that information. As a boutique property tech company, Zoocasa Realty Inc. can quickly pivot their marketing to accommodate evolving consumer values. However, without the proper knowledge of shifting markets, they risk implementing ineffective strategies. This project provides invaluable insight into an under-serviced demographic, allowing Zoocasa to identify the best path forward. And it also provides valuable insight into the rapidly transforming real estate market which will have direct and immediate impacts on urban and suburban spaces.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Shiga;Natalie Coulter


Susan E. Flavelle


Zoocasa Realty Inc.




Real estate and rental and leasing




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