Flexible Electronic Implant for Visual Rehabilitation

Presbyopia is an aging phenomenon that eventually affects 99.9% of the population and Aniridia is a rare genetic disease resulting in the absence of an iris. Currently, no treatment provides a dynamic solution for patients. We are creating a thin, flexible, biocompatible electronic device to rapidly control a bionic iris through a fast, reversible, wireless energy efficient process, providing a responsive and dynamic solution to both diseases. Successful completion of the project will significantly aid the partner organization to commercialize their device. This will lead to a significant impact in healthcare in Canada and worldwide, providing a dynamic surgical solution to for an orphan genetic disease and for presbyopia in cataract surgery, fulfilling a large unmet demand in the marketplace.

Faculty Supervisor:

Keryn Lian


Haoran Wu


Veritas Nano




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Toronto


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