Florasol Extraction Process Development of Essential Oil

This project will be with ANPI Canada Inc., a Canadian company focused on essential oil extract from softwood in Bolton, Ontario. Presently, ANPI uses various extraction techniques for isolation of essential oils particularly cedar oil from cedar leaves, branches, and mulch. These essential oils have applications in the food, flavor, fragrances, and pharmaceutical industries. ANPI have found that their current extraction methods do not provide a suitable yield of cedar oil. This project will investigate the continuous florasol extraction process of cedar essential oil using green solvents within different range of
temperatures and pressures. Effect of extraction time, flow rate, moisture content, and particle size of the starting material will be investigated for development and optimization of the extraction process. The form (seed, leave, fresh flowers, roots, etc.), state (whole material dried or fresh), and treatment (ground, chopped, sliced, etc.) of starting material will also be examined which will have an effect on the extraction yield. This project will provide tremendous advantage to ANPI providing new opportunities to extract the maximum value from our low valued Canadian based softwood products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Charpentier


Raziye Samimihaghgozar


Anpi Canada


Engineering - chemical / biological


Natural resources


Western University



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